Meet Jasmine

Meet Jasmine

So, who is the gal behind the lens encouraging you to pack on the PDA?

Hi! Jasmine here. I’m a Midwest native, hailing from the state of cheese heads and dairy. I shoot weddings all over the world although we call California our home.

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I enjoy serving couples like you by combining my love for intimate moments between kindred spirits with artistic and awe-inspiring backdrops in order to capture unforgettable experiences that are candid and breath-taking moments that make you say “daaaayum we look good!”

How amazing is it that this incredible universe brought you both together?!

I believe that photos should be vivid, colorful and have the ability to evoke emotions. That means natural, unposed and imperfectly perfect just like your wedding day.

In my spare time, you’ll find me monkeying around at my rock climbing gym, outside exploring the wilderness, brunching like it’s going out of style, and sipping on sour beers.

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