Brigitte | Thousand Oaks Day After Session

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Testimonial from Brigitte | Thousand Oaks Day After Session

Brigitte | Thousand Oaks Day After Session

“With Jasmine, I felt beautiful, I was in my skin, I felt free, and most importantly she felt like a best friend taking my pictures. No judgement, all love and all good vibes.

I know it can be a process picking the right photographer. I don’t write many reviews but I felt very compelled to do so with Jasmine because she is so damn creative! And boy does she understands romance. She really knows how to guide you to create a magical moment between you and your partner.

We’re so grateful to have shot with Jasmine! 🙂
Our pics came out just absolutely beautiful! I kid you not, they look like the cover of a romance novel. Our romance novel. <3″ – Brigitte

Testimonial from Olivia | Horseshoe Bend, AZ

Olivia | Horseshoe Bend, AZ

“Our couples session was perfect in every way. Jasmine made it fun and we both had such a good time working with her. She did a wonderful job and we loved how natural the pictures turned out. She really brought our personalities and styles into the pictures, which is what makes these so very special to us.” – Olivia

Testimonial from Justina | Palos Verdes Elopement

Justina | Palos Verdes Elopement

“I have worked with a lot of photographers for both personal photos and as a creative director, and I can easily say that Jasmine has been one of my absolute favorites to work with! She took the time to get to know us both before and during the shoot and I feel that made a huge difference in her capturing all the chemistry between my husband and me.” – Justina

Testimonial from Rae


“I’m not very good at posing for photos and I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera BUT Jasmine was a pro. She knew how to make her clients feel comfortable and more relaxed. She was very patient and she makes sure you enjoy the moment too. I would always and most definitely recommend her to anyone!”- Rae

Testimonial from Stella | Matador Beach, CA

Stella | Matador Beach, CA

“Jasmine is a wonderful and talented photographer. The images we ended up with look like they are straight out of a storybook and we will cherish them forever. I definitely recommend Jasmine for any photo needs. She’s a gem to work with!” – Stella

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