Eddie + Nancy’s Santa Clarita Sunrise Elopement

When Nancy and Eddie wanted a somewhat private elopement location with a jaw-dropping backdrop, I knew just the place! We agreed to meet at sunrise, as this location can get highly-trafficked throughout the day. Sunrise elopements or sessions can always be a difficult pill to swallow if you enjoy your beauty rest (I sure do) but once we rolled out of bed and started driving, the sunrise drenched the mountains and valleys with honey golden glow that woke us right up. After they exchanged their vows, we frolicked and around the rocky outcroppings and captured the sun-soaked goodness.

The daybreak elopement was a meaningful way to start a new journey of their lives together right at the break of dawn, like a fresh chapter brimming with possibility. Want to inquire about your wedding or elopement? Let’s make it happen! Or simply peruse and enjoy the photos from Nancy + Eddie’s adventurous elopement below, that’s cool too!