Looking for someone who can capture all of the madly in love moments you'll cherish forever?

You're in the right place!

Looking for someone who can capture all of the madly in love moments you'll cherish forever?

You're in the right place!

So, who is the gal behind the lens showering words of affirmation on you?

Hi! Jasmine here. I am the taker of photos, the maker of memories, the encourager of making out in public and packing on the PDA, the pose prompter, the love-crazed hopeless romantic with a creative eye 👁

Here to serve you, the #couplesgoals cuties, the forever adventure partner people, the laidback lovers who are also best friends. 

My sister got married the summer right after college. Like many young brides and grooms, she was looking for ways to save on her wedding day expenses. A friend of a friend offered her wedding photography services at a price that couldn’t be beat!

Great for their wedding budget but… as they later learned, not so great for the final gallery that they were delivered. 

You may think that the photos of your wedding day aren’t as important as the actual experience and therefore you just need basic affordable coverage, but let this be a sign if you’re feeling hesitant or unsure if you should invest in an established photographer or wing it with a family friend who is new to photography -- you will get what you paid for. 

Don’t take a gamble on your wedding day photos because this is the ONE day you don’t get a do over for.

If you want quality wedding photos that are as fun, fabulous, rich and vibrant as your love story, let's make it happen!

I was THAT bride. The one on a budget. The one who was fully intending to stretch EVERY dollar as far as we could to make our dream wedding happen. However, there were two things I was dead-set on splurging on:

1) our fairytale venue
2) and an incredible photographer to capture the day

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I get it, you want:

✔️ bomb photos that make you feel like the coolest kids on the block
✔️ pictures that look and feel true to you and your boo
✔️ magical moments that don't look stiff, awkward or posed

I've been in your shoes! 

Get to know your photographer:

Sour + Sweet

I loveeee Sour flavored TreATS.

RIPS Sour Apple + Strawberry Candy is my All Time favorite to snack on during Car rides, but I'll also settle for sour patch kids.

I'm always down for a sour beer which is basically the drink-able version of sour patch kids.


Get to know your photographer:

World traveler


I got my first real taste for traveling when I studied abroad in spain during college which is also how i met my husband and we've been exploring the world together ever since!

BALI and SANTORIni havE been my favorite destinations so far. ICELAND IS MY TOP BuckeT-List Travel Spot - Want to ELOPE THERE? LET's MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Get to know your photographer:

Proud dog mom

My 13 year-old corgi is my fur-child and he is precious AND angelic and frequently featured on my social media @jasmineruiz

His NAME IS DEXTER AND Some would say he can do no wrong. 

Get to know your photographer:

Family ties

I'm the 2nd oldest of 4 girls. NO brothers!
After college, I lived in Chicago for a few years and then made the move to Southern california for the love of sunshine and a good time.
All of my immediate family still lives in Wisconsin AND I GO BACK FREQUENTLY TO SHOOT WEDDINGS AND VISIT them. AND YES, I AM A PACkers fan.


“With Jasmine, I felt beautiful, I was in my skin, I felt free, and most importantly she felt like a best friend taking my pictures. No judgement, all love and all good vibes.

I know it can be a process picking the right photographer. I don’t write many reviews but I felt very compelled to do so with Jasmine because she is so damn creative! And boy does she understands romance. She really knows how to guide you to create a magical moment between you and your partner.

We’re so grateful to have shot with Jasmine! 🙂
Our pics came out just absolutely beautiful! I kid you not, they look like the cover of a romance novel. Our romance novel. <3″ – Brigitte

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We will be in touch soon. 

Ready to book this thing?!

Ready to book this thing?!