How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Need help choosing your wedding colors?

Here’s a few things to consider!

The season your wedding is occurring in. Certain colors are considered seasonal. There’s a reason you see everyone pulling out the moody jewel tones each fall and pastel popularity spikes in the spring.

Why exactly? Typically these colors complement your natural surroundings as the seasons change! Pastels pair nicely with budding blossoms in spring while jewel tones add color and pop to a white backdrop if you live somewhere snowy or amongst evergreens and seasonal florals like poinsettias. 🌲

Look to Pinterest and try a search for “fall wedding colors” for example and you’ll probably see a trend in the palettes that pop up. Or start pinning the things you like first and then stop and take a look at your full Pinterest board. You’ll probably start to see some similarities or patterns which help you hone in on what you like.

burgundy bridesmaid dress ideas

In addition to Pinterest, there are tons of color palette creating websites that can generate complementary colors to go with that one hue you have your heart set on.

Or just for fun, you can take one of these quizzes to find wedding color suggestions by Bridal vendors BHLDN or Wedding Wire but take the results with a grain of salt. They’re more for idea generation but you’ll typically get a gut reaction of what you were hoping the outcome would be when you’re waiting for the results.

green and gold wedding party colors

It’s also important that you personally identify with the colors! I know that sounds a little woo woo but you need to really love your color palette and not question it because there’s a good chance your sister-in-law or mom or BFF may inject their own opinions and you need to be able to stand up for your choices because this is YOUR wedding.

wedding party in pink and blue

I had my heart set on a beautiful lush green outdoors venue and didn’t want to detract from that so I had very minimal colors. My bridesmaids wore black and our groomsmen wore grey. We had a pop of a burgundy/plum colors as an accent but other than that I was all about letting the venue’s natural beauty shine through.

Or get inspired by looking through previous wedding colors I’ve photographed in my wedding gallery!

Maybe you already know your wedding colors and are here to book a photographer who can capture the vibrancy of your special day in full color (hey, that’s me!). If so, send me an inquiry to lock down your wedding date.