Ojai wedding photos

Intimate Ojai Wedding

Maddie and Ari’s intimate Ojai wedding was a joy from beginning to end. The couple had originally known of each other from the early days of Jewish camp when they were just children, but they wouldn’t reconnect until about 15 years later when Maddie saw Ari’s profile on Hinge and started asking around amongst her friends to dig up some more info on him. They decided to meet up for a date and things romantically escalated quickly from there!

Ari introduced Maddie to the Sherman Oaks area of LA (a place that is also near and dear to my own heart as a local myself!) and they bonded over a love for outdoor activities and adventuring and their sweet pup that they adopted among other things.

They reached out to me to commemorate their wedding in Ojai and my cheeks hurt from smiling at the end of the day so I know theirs did too!

The entire day was filled with a whirlwind of emotions and the joy was palpable. As the bride’s sister put it “so glad we’re smiling, laughing or happy-crying in almost every photo!” Check out their photos from their intimate Ojaai wedding below. Like what you see? View more wedding galleries here!