Sunset Cliffs Wedding

Kelsey and Ryan planned a beautiful wedding at Sunset Cliffs originally but sadly their plans were postponed thanks to Covid. Just over a year later, they were able to reschedule while maintaining all the elements of their dream wedding like photos at Sunset Cliffs and a huge party at the Thursday Club just up the hill.

They originally met at a staff meeting through an icebreaker activity while working for the University of Florida Rec Sports department! According to Kelsey, Ryan had the coolest job, driving the school’s wakeboarding boat and she was a group fitness instructor.

When they attended an all-staff training with hundreds of student employees as fate would have it, they were assigned to the same small group. When it was Kelsey’s turn to ask an icebreaker question, she asked Ryan if he would take her wakeboarding! Their relationship quickly escalated from there!

I loved that Kelsey and Ryan were true to themselves in their wedding planning endeavours and opted to toss some of the stale traditions to the wayside while embracing their private moments and scenic backdrops for couples photos. The day was a beautiful marriage of Ryan’s love for efficiency and Kelsey’s DIY done right. She put in the work with her thoughtful decor and delicious desserts that she baked herself!