Planning Your Wedding During a Pandemic

What a time to be alive?!?

Where to begin. Well, I’ll start with hopes that you are staying safe amidst the panic, fear, and general misinformation that is making the rounds right now. I think it’s important to note that while the media and viral videos have been promoting fear-mongering, it’s more important than ever to arm ourselves with the FACTS. Like that the mortality rate is 1.3% for people under the age of 60 and 0.4% for people under 50. Furthermore, those are global statistics. Thanks to our advanced healthcare system and accessibility compared to other countries, we’re talking very low risk.

That said, we do have a responsibility to protect those we have weaker immune systems!

A bit of proper handwashing and good hygiene go along way. I can only imagine what people are doing with their bulk toilet paper supplies…

That said, Coronavirus has CANCELED all of our favorite events:



and per the reason you’re probably here right now even weddings aren’t sacred to the Coronavirus.

What does that mean for you, as the bride and groom-to-be? Let’s take a look:


OF COURSE!! It just may be a little different from what you had initially planned. The first thing to consider, is there a ban on your having your wedding take place? Most states are calling for events of 50 or larger to be canceled. That means you can…

  • Reschedule the entire wedding. Reach out to your vendors individually and discuss the situation. As a vendor myself in the service industry, most should be understanding and willing to work with you to reschedule if there are no conflicts
  • Opt for an intimate wedding (this could mean only yourselves, an officiant and your photographer) or just your immediate friends and family and plan to reschedule a larger celebration at a later time
  • Hold the wedding as planned and have a family member do a LiveStream or simply record the big moments throughout the day. Or consider hiring a designated videographer whose job is to just share your day via Facebook Live so Nana and Pop Pop can be involved while still allowing your friends and family members to be fully present and enjoy the day with you


  • Connect with your vendors and ensure there won’t be any conflicts considering the current state of things and be aware of their cancellation or no-show information within the contracts
  • Throughout the wedding, have hand sanitizer at the ready for guests
  • If possible, avoid buffet-style meals and any shared utensils that typically go along with them
  • Encourage your senior relatives or guests with compromised immune systems who may be at risk to stay home and offer them a way to still be involved in the big day (FaceTime or Livestream, whatever it may be!)

Do you have specific questions or concerns about your upcoming wedding and Covid 19? Feel free to send me a message at and we’ll talk about your options and what’s the best choices for you moving forward!

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