What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are such a fun way to show off your personal style. I understand that it can seem overwhelming when trying to decide what to wear – there are so many options and possibilities!

Come prepared with at least one casual look and a more formal look prepared. But what exactly does “casual” and “formal” look like? Read on to find out as I offer suggestions for what to wear for your engagement session!


Casual can mean something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt or your favorite top. Denim is a-okay in my book if it makes you feel comfortable and confident. BUT we’re not talking just any denim.

engagement photo outfit ideas

I love a casually coiffed couple who opt for coordinating looks like denim jeans paired with a moto jacket, bomber jacket, or sweater.

A denim jacket is a solid go-to if you opt for black jeans or pair it with a cute flowy skirt or dress for a slightly more formal take on your casual look.

Cean, mimimal sneakers, boots, flats, or sandals are great for your casual look and are functional as well.

engagement session outfit guide


If you’re considering a maxi dress or skirt, let me be the first to say “DO IT” flowy skirts give us so many more opportunities to play with movement and are non-restrictive so we can do tons of fun prompts.

flowy skirt engagement outfit

Fitted and/or short skirts and dresses can be figure-flattering, but they are going to be more restrictive and limiting when it comes to getting fun, motion-filled shots.

engagement photo outfit

Neutrals – when in doubt opt for neutrals. Black, gray, white, beige, and. cream-colored tones are timeless and not subject to the curse of trends that go in and out of style – remember ponchos? *full-body cringe*

engagement session outfit ideas

How formal you want to dress is up to you. A blazer or suit just does something for your confidence and that comes through in your photos!

Opt for block-heeled sandals or boots if you are wanting a heel, or a cute bootie or ballet flat for optimal comfort with your formal look.

engagement session outfits

If you really want to incorporate a heel, make sure you have a change of shoes that are comfortable for trekking around in especially if we’re shooting in a nature-y setting. We’ll typically cover a lot of ground during your session and your feet will thank you later.

What about, what NOT to wear? Yup, I’ve got a few pieces of apparel that you want to steer clear of for your engagement photos.

๐Ÿ™… Logo and printed t’s – yes this includes shirts with a nike swoosh or underarmor logo on them. There are a few ooccasions where a printed shirt may enhance your overall outfit but for the most part, they will detract from your photos

๐Ÿ™… Loud colors like neons are a big N-O. Instead opt for muted tones of your favorite colors that complement and work with your environment rather than against it.

๐Ÿ™… Be wary of style trends, circling back to my poncho reference… consider if the look passes the test of time. Can you see yourself proudly wearing it 5 years from now?

When in doubt, pin it out! I love using Pinterest as my personal outfit stylist. Come prepared with options and we’re sure to end up with multiple looks you love and feel confident in throughout your engagement session!

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