Modern Industrial Downtown Los Angeles Wedding

Mandy and Nick’s lovestory began at a Performance Running Outfitters. At first, they were friendly co-workers and Nick would occasionally tell Mandy how he just wanted to find a girlfriend who was 1) shorter than him, 2) into sports/athletic and 3) could cuss like a sailor. Mandy was already crushing on him, but she sat there smiling and nodding as he listed off his dream girl qualities while she thought to herself “1) check 2) check…. 3) fucking check”

One day at a work party outing, Mandy was jamming out to Fall Out Boy by herself and caught the attention of Nick who felt sparks fly and was inclined to join her.  Nothing like falling in love during a little Fall Out Boy jam session.  The rest was history! Mandy described their wedding as the “girliest three days of her life” but she was every bit the beautiful bride. I loved how she stayed true to herself and prioritized comfort opting for sparkly keds over heels.

The venue was spot on with it’s urban industrial downtown vibes. The day was extremely emotional as Mandy’s father was ill and unable to attend, her mother stepped in for the traditional Father-Daughter dance – this is something I see a lot more of in recent years and it’s such a genuine and emotional moment to honour your relationship with mom.