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Planning Your Wedding During a Pandemic

What a time to be alive?!? Where to begin. Well, I’ll start with hopes that you are staying safe amidst the panic, fear, and general misinformation that is making the rounds right now. I think it’s important to note that while the media and viral videos have been promoting fear-mongering, it’s more important than ever […]


Five Dreamy Wedding Venues In Southern California

Looking for a dreamy wedding venue for the day you say “I do”? We’ve got you. Check out these real-life wedding venues in Southern California that are the stuff fairytales are made of. These wedding venues are enchanting and magical and will have you and your guests captivated. Wayfarers Chapel This glass chapel is the […]


Planning the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

AH, the wedding day timeline. So how are you supposed to know how much time this stuff takes when you’ve never done this before from the bride perspective?!?! As someone who has done this dozens of times, I’m here to tell you what an optimal timeline looks like. Peep the sample wedding day timeline below! […]


So Coronavirus Crashed Your Wedding… Now What?

Okay, in this ongoing saga of the biggest buzzkill to the 2020 wedding world in oh, idk… FOR 👏 EV 👏 ER 👏 we’re talking about the latest challenges on moving forward with your 2020 wedding while navigating the uncharted waters of the big bad virus villian here #Cwhomustnotbenamed (aka Coronavirus) At first, they were […]


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Should I do a first look for my wedding?

> First looks – should you do one? A first look is an opportunity to take a moment with your other half and calm pre-ceremony jitters for some couples who are reassured by the presence of their partner and it’s an intimate time to take photos during a quiet moment prior to the celebrations that […]


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Your Wedding Planning Checklist

This wedding planning checklist will help keep you on track and eliminate those “am I forgetting something?” feelings 12-18 months out 1. Define your budget – this is a big-ticket item that you and your partner need to be on the same page about. Its also good to do some research prior to setting the budget so […]


How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Need help choosing your wedding colors? Here’s a few things to consider! The season your wedding is occurring in. Certain colors are considered seasonal. There’s a reason you see everyone pulling out the moody jewel tones each fall and pastel popularity spikes in the spring. Why exactly? Typically these colors complement your natural surroundings as […]


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